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I look forward talking to you about our coaching programs & how we can help make your dreams a reality! 


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I look forward talking to you about speaking at your upcoming live or digital event & how we can help make your vision amazing! I am for hire to give a keynote, workshops for conferences, retreats or events, facilitation workshops for education companies and corporate settings & guided breath-work & visualizations for your next event digitally or in person. If you would like me to speak in your program or course or on your podcast please fill this out below. 


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what are your free rescources?

Yes, I have an entire library of free resources. First off, the podcast, Hair Love Radio is a goldmine! Secondly, we host a free digital event yearly through Hair Love University. It will be May 2022, plan to be there! Lastly, head to *" for so many resources. 

can i hire elizabeth to speak?

Heck yes! Do you host live or digital events & want me to speak? No prob, fill out the form above & we can connect. Maybe you are wanting me to speak in your coaching program, I do that too! I can speak on building your dream brand, community building, limiting belief work, money mindset, or helping educators facilitate & sell safely. I also can do guided breath work & visualizations.

how can i hire you for 1:1 coaching?

I currently only accept a handful of private clients; you can apply to see if my services are a fit for you. This is perfect for entrepreneurs who have been through my program or are already working on a high level. Head over to the website tab "coaching" & you can check out all the ways I can support you! Typically High Power Academy is the best way to get me 1:1 but I also have offers for VIP clients as well.

How did you start your business?

Oh my, it's kind of a crazy story but worth hearing. You can head over to the "about" tab & learn about my journey & even hear my story on multiple podcasts where I have been interviewed!

How can i join the sacred stylist program?

Well first off, I would love to be your business coach! This program is for ambitious hairstylists & salon owners & you can join during our next enrollment; we do 3 a year. We hav so many amazing videos jam packed with life changing magic & our monthly live calls where I personally coach you! Head over to to learn more!

what program is right for me?

DM me @heyelizabethfaye!!! Literally... I will personally answer your questions & get to know your business & your personal goals. I will point you in the right direction of where to start so you can get the most bang for your buck! Plus we will have a lot of fun. 

Also check out the website tab "coaching" for a break down of my services & who they are for. 

can i really text you?

Yes! I am not shitting you hahahaha. Text me babe! 435-319-8815

where can i find your retreats?

You can head to & check out all the magic of our most beloved event of the year, Hair Love Retreat. Tickets are live now (&& we have sweet payment plans)! Also, clicking on the website tab "retreat" will show you what we have in 2022!