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Hair Love Retreat is a life changing experience for dreamers in the Hair Industry. We bring the brightest minds & lights from around the world to one location for 5 days of magic. The best in Beauty, Business, Wellness & Adventure. Artist & coaches that are ready to help you elevate your business & soar to new heights!

This is an all-inclusive luxury getaway to rejuvenate & inspire. This is the ultimate Retreat for stylists who are serious about increasing their income, connecting with their craft, building their brand & changing their life . Come Escape to Learn With the Tribe!

We know it takes a lot more than being talented at your craft to live your best life & that’s why we created Hair Love Retreat. When you Escape into the perfect environment, surrounded by natural beauty & a like minded community- radical change begins. 

You will leave feeling balanced & grounded & with friendships plus a sisterhood that last a lifetime. At Hair Love we specialize in experience based education & community based education. What is community based education? Why is our Tribe the heart beat of our company? Well here at Hair Love we truly believe the following…

Escape to learn under the stars.

- spencer laine

Life changing shit happens when you open yourself up to it. All of you with @hairloveuniversity @hairloveretreat have no idea how you’ve impacted my life so deeply. Thank you for cheering me on to make it to the top of Angels Landing. For living in a tent with me for a week. For being there for me when I’m struggling or need a swift kick in the ass. 
It’s such a blessing to know you & to be able to share this part of my life with you.

- Mckenzie cusick

Absolute magic ✨I have never had an experience like the one I just had. I had no idea what this experience would look like for me and the people I would meet along the way. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and out of my head to a higher level, broke down barriers and walls and found myself in countless uncomfortable moments. I got comfortable with being uncomfortable. THAT is growth for me.
I am grateful for every ounce of this retreat and everyone that was along for the ride with me. If there is one thing that I know and was brought to light it is that I AM PROUD TO BE A HAIRSTYLIST.

- Cassidy dickson

I spent the past week working on ALL of the above at @hairloveretreat. I’ve been really struggling to put this experience into words, it was truly magical & forever life changing. To be surrounded by so many badass, like-minded women who all want nothing more than to see each other succeed + grow is something I needed more than I ever knew. ⁣

I’m forever thankful for the new friendships, inspiration, community & life tools I walked away from Zion with ✨ thank you @heyelizabethfaye for making this vision become a reality!!! See you next time babes 

- kristen bacon

Words and pictures won’t do the experience that I had justice. I’m flying home from this retreat and I am just feeling so much gratitude and love. This tribe is amazing. I had no idea that this experience was going to be as amazing as it was. I feel so fulfilled. So inspired. And I’m so excited to bring that home to you all.

- Jessica call

🦄HLR 2021 was one for the record books. The friendships, the opportunities, the emotions… It's been a magical week. @heyelizabethfaye and her team create such a safe place for everyone to face their fears and fight through limiting beliefs. I learned SO much about color theory and cutting from stylists that I have looked up to for years and I can’t wait to transform this next year!

- melanie hess

Wow. Just WOW 🤩 This weekend was so incredible. 
Being able to connect with so many amazing hairdressers who are committed not only to education but to themselves. To breaking down the barriers that are holding us back. To believing in ourselves. To taking risks. 
To welcoming change. To @heyelizabethfaye thank you for such an incredible experience and for bringing together some amazing humans to elevate our industry and break us out of our comfort zones. I have met so many amazing people this weekend and I look forward to seeing you all in the future! WE HAIR LOVE YOU

- cassidy rae

Took a week away for myself & most importantly my business. I’m grateful for the amazing hairstylists/business coaches I was able to connect with & learn from. Coming back from this experience fresh & eager to build my business with the amazing tools given to me by these inspiring people.
Coming back with new techniques I’m excited to use with you & mindset that will change the way I look at my day to day, thank you Hair Love Retreat for the life changing education & loving community

- kandice wilkes

WOW!!! What a week! I’m so thankful to have had this wonderful, soul sparking, inspiring reset of a retreat that I was oh so blessed to experience. @hairloveretreat was the perfect opportunity to challenge me and help me fine tune what I really LOVE to do! I had the best time with my @tribehaircompany family. Looking forward to applying all that I learned at the retreat. 

- melissa murdock

The last five days I have been @hairloveretreat in Utah and I have to say it was so inspirational to me getting to be around so many hairdressers and talented artists and learn! It really brought me back to why I love what I do! I am so grateful for the hairdresser community, my coworkers, and especially my clients!! I love being able to make real connections with my clients who truly become friends and to make people feel beautiful and confident through hair! I love my life and I love my job!! I am so blessed to be in such a beautiful industry!! 

- amanda rourke

The magic at this weeks @hairloveretreat is the vibe I will be bringing back home with me💞 
Being surrounded by such intelligent, caring and hella fun people really does fuel the soul 🥰
I feel a rejuvenated curiosity for learning and teaching. Can’t wait to share what I’m learning with everyone. 

- cierra folsm

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around my experience here in the desert at @hairloveretreat as it comes to an end. It’s hard to put into words. What sits so deeply is that for the first time in my entire career, I AM PROUD TO BE A HAIRSTYLIST. I now not only see myself in a different lens but also you, the beautiful souls who sit in my chair everyday. I found my magic, thank you @heyelizabethfaye✨

- tara

✨ I’ve been trying to put into words what the hell I just experienced the last 5 days at @hairloveretreat. But it’s almost impossible honestly. @heyelizabethfaye and her amazing @hairloveuniversity team have manifested and created something so magical, you just have to experience it! I’m coming back as a better woman, mom, and hairdresser…and I LOVE HER! I can’t wait to implement the things I have learned! ✌🏼 Until next time @hairloveretreat

- becky sweigart

Hair Love ... oh how I love you so. For many of you know I traveled alone, to Utah for a hair/wellness retreat. But I must share with you this has been on my bucket list since I first learned of hair love. ( several years ago!) my soul knew I needed to be pushed and changed. I felt stuck in my own ways and knew I needed to face it alone. This community of women is beyond healing. It will show you, you are whole as you are. That you are the only one in your own way. 

I will forever be grateful for this journey of mine and the growth I continue to do. Thank you @heyelizabethfaye for this amazing community you have built

- maria morro

I went to Utah not knowing anyone, totally out of my comfort zone but with a completely open mind and an open heart, and I can honestly say that I left a different person. This retreat and being around all of these beautiful like minded people, really changed my perspective on my business, as a stylist and all around human. I learned some cool techniques from some amazing educators and witnessed some powerful keynote speakers💖. I got to meet and hang out with some of my faves in the hair industry, and we even partied with SAM VILLA!

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Explore past events

press play

*Demo Workshops
*Hands on Color Workshops
*Texture Education
*Cutting Education
*Styling Education
*Extension Certification
*Customized Niche Roundtable Discussions


*Business Workshops
*Business Keynote Speakers
*Business Panels
*Roundtable Business Coaching
*Amazing Hair Love Manual
*A community of likeminded artist
*Private Hair Love App Portal


*Daily Yoga and/or Fitness
*Motivational Keynote Speaker
*Guided Adventures on Site 
*Delicious Healthy Farm to Table Food
*Crystal Healing Workshop  (optional)
*guided breath-work (optional)
*Additional Guided Group experiences or adventure upgrades 


Education at Hair Love is unique because we have three pillars we focus on. Within these pillars we have unique education experiences. You can expect to learn differently. Some of the ways we activate education is through smaller hands on break out sessions, round table business talks, keynote speakers, large demos, smaller interactive workshop experiences & maybe even a workshop in the pool. You will be able to customize your advance experience through our hair love tribe app once the event gets closer. Expect to choose a custom adventure & so much dopeness.

The Education

Wellness, adventure & fitness are one of the highlights of the Retreat. There will be yoga classes, HIIT Workouts, sound healing & guided meditation experiences.

On our adventure day we will offer a range of creative experiences that may range from painting, wine tasting, women's circles, outdoor games, pool time & outdoor adventure scavenger hunts. 

The final options will be announced closer to the retreat but this gives you an idea of the kind of experiences you can expect at camp. 


Your ticket includes 4 nights & 5 days. You will check in on September 29th anytime after 4pm & check out around noon on October 3rd. 

Hair Love Retreat 2022 is being held at beautiful outdoor venue called Lucky Arrow Retreat. Bringing you a luxury summer camp experience. 

You will be staying in a yurt or cabin depending on the ticket you choose. All accommodations are shared, think bougie summer camp vibes. Hair Love is all about the community. You will leave with a sisterhood. 


One of our fave things about Hair Love Retreat is the food (it’s pretty amazing)

Healthy Catered Meals three times a day. Some meals included alcoholic beverages or other drinks. Party nights + drink tickets included. Plenty of additional drinks/snacks will be available.

There will be vegan, gluten-free, & dairy-free options. If you have extreme needs or allergies please contact us after you purchase your ticket & we will make sure we have you taken care of!


What's Included:

- erika kelmer

I flew to Utah by myself to go to a Hair Love Retreat where I knew absolutely no one. I had only met a couple girls through social media beforehand. That in itself for me was a huge accomplishment, & SO freeing.⁣⁠⁠ At the retreat, I broke out of my shell a little more & met so many people going through similar things as I was, & so many who were going through something totally different. Each one filled my heart. There were no feelings of judgement to be found. Let me tell you…It feels GREAT to break out of your own cage you put yourself in & release those negative, fear based thoughts!⁣⁠⁠ I made some really close relationships with hairstylists across the country, let me tell you it’s such a cool thing to be able to connect with like minded people.We’re all in this thing together 🤟🏽✌🏼

- ellie d. wong

If you’ve talked to me in the last 2 weeks- you’ve experienced this wild boundary setting, high vibin’ boss! And I owe it all to my time at the @hairloveretreat. I’ve spent my life investing in my career, in my salon and into others. For the FIRST TIME ever- I felt what it was like to invest in MYSELF. Elizabeth has created something beyond magic. Beyond transformative and way beyond community. We were left with authentic connection, vulnerability, understanding and a magnitude of growth. Thank you, Elizabeth and all of my other hair love community I met along the way! My life is forever changed- and so is my career!

- Cassidy dickson

I spent the past week working on ALL of the above at @hairloveretreat. I’ve been really struggling to put this experience into words, it was truly magical & forever life changing. To be surrounded by so many badass, like-minded women who all want nothing more than to see each other succeed + grow is something I needed more than I ever knew. ⁣

I’m forever thankful for the new friendships, inspiration, community & life tools I walked away from Zion with ✨ thank you @heyelizabethfaye for making this vision become a reality!!! See you next time babes 

- rachel paige

Forever obsessed with the connections & friendships this community brings! 
@hairloveretreat is one of my favorite events I look forward to every year! I always experience so much growth in my mindset & my business! 

- alexis alvarado

I keep trying to find the words to describe @hairloveretreat. Life-changing, love, truest-self are just three words that come to my mind every time I think back. I’m so thankful the universe guided me to this retreat, it cracked my heart open in the best way. It was so much more than hair… It was a connection with like minded, beautiful souls. It was connecting with myself, my dreams and relearning how to love myself. Thank you @heyelizabethfaye and the whole @hairloveretreat@hairloveuniversity squad for this beautiful event, and to everyone else there!

- shelley gregory

It’s filled with loads of education, workshops for your 🧠 , workshops for your ❤️ and an entire group of like minded hairstylists who want to grow🌳 To be able to dream with other dreamers, meet other motivated peers, connect with hard working positive leaders in our industry is the most priceless part 🪢 Thank you @heyelizabethfaye for being born and believing in yourself to create this magic that just somehow levels up every time I go❤️‍🔥 and @thisismazie too! Anyone thinking of attending, buy tickets now (next year is already filling up!) and ask me anything I can help with 🎟💓

- addie jones

The retreat changed my life and it is 100% the reason I am where I am at now. So many good people. So much clarity.

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