I am a certified business/trauma informed life coach for beauty industry entrepreneurs, educators & brands.
I have over a decade of experience and have served thousands of entrepreneurs & over 20 organizations.
I help these ambitious beauty business owners & heart lead brands step into their power through wellbeing & create massive impact & wealth

 But what I believe most, is that you were called to make an impact & abundance is your birthright. 

I believe that your success is sacred.  

HEY, I'M...





Since you are reading this I have a feeling we are aligned in some way.

 Does this sound like you? You love what you do & you have big juicy ambitions on what you want your career, bank-account & personal life to look like, but..."having it ALL with EASE" seems unavailable or out of reach.

 I am Elizabeth Faye, a business coach, trauma informed life coach & breath work facilitator helping heart lead beauty entrepreneurs & educators.
 I help give ambitious leaders like you the support to heal what is holding them back, the strategy needed to create a dreamy business, manifest an abundance of wealth & grow their soul based businesses!

 Are you ready to step into your power & create a new paradigm of wealth, well-being ,pleasure and ease? 


XO Elizabeth Faye





This podcast was created as a way to amplify the voices of stylist, salon owners & industry educators. We bring the best of the best together to share real stories & real educational insights that could help transform both your life & business. 





- Kelly Cahen

I was seeking guidance for online entrepreneurship, & the best part about High Power was learning that I have limiting beliefs & how to navigate beyond them to continue making my goals a reality.

I took the leap & launched my program & earned $8k the first month. 

I am so inspired by Elizabeth & the group of peers inside High Power. You don't get like-minded people in your everyday life who can talk about money, success & goals. The group of women in this program listen, encourage & support you because they can all relate to your journey. My self awareness has elevated & exposed how I can grow each day to be better than yesterday.

- Leysa Carrillo

At #HairLove we know the impact hairstylists have in the world—we are here to amplify that impact @heyelizabethfaye. Amazing and unforgettable week in TX wow I’m still feeling all the emotions thank you again @heyelizabethfaye for having me at this incredible event love you so much 😍
@danielmbeauty love teaching with you can’t wait for the next one !!

- Tenika Tang

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed trying to do it all… run different businesses… be a wife, a mother, a friend, a boss and have no in your life understand the feelings. High Power was a place where I didn’t feel so alone. Where queens/ boss babes in their field got together, leveled up, transformed from the inside out, where it was safe to be vulnerable. Elizabeth has a way of making you know who you are! I’m from a small island in the Caribbean… I felt and still feel like family with the women in that group. She gave me the tools to grow not only in my businesses but in my life. The truth is it was the best F*ing investment I made in myself. If you take the jump she will catch you.

- Avery @yoursoulfulstylist & Abby @abby_soho_hairbar

@heyelizabethfaye is a magical human, she is proof that when you follow your mission and purpose you will attract the same type of people who we have made lifelong friends. The Retreat brings the best people! It was a growing experience for us and are excited to bring our renewed energy to our business & personal lives. Thank you Elizabeth for your bravery in clearing the way for us to have this amazing experience! It was a magical experience with beautiful people that we will never forget!

-J Ladner

This was the experience of a life time and let me tell you what!!!! @hairloveuniversity is the place to lean in, dove deep and let go of fear!
My heart is so full and I am forever grateful!!!
I love every single person who was at the HAIR LOVE RETREAT

- Shelby Bettencourt

I joined the high power academy to help me elevate my career. Little did I know, this shit is changing my life. I am Beyond thankful to myself for investing in myself. Thankful for those who allowed me to be here, My new forever friends, And for those who will have me help change their lives in the future. I’ve always wanted a community and people I could call friends and bounce ideas off of that weren’t trying to limit me. High Power is that. 

- Jordan Jones

I didn’t really know what I needed, but I knew I needed like-minded people. This program is so transformative because you can’t really be successful in business until you’re right with yourself. Once you are right with yourself, it is so much easier and more fulfilling when you reach your goals. 

- Danielle Keasling

I was invited to the Hair Love retreat last week in Austin, Texas. I’ve known Elizabeth now for several years. While I knew she was busy, I had no idea how busy! She literally built an empire!!
I am so damn proud of this girl. She is a true testimony of how hard work, dedication, and persistence will always win. One thing that truly resonates with me strong is her message and new documentary because she is SOOOOO right, Hairstylists Do Change the World. 💕💕🙌🏻👊🏽💪🏿🫶🏼💕💕
Anyone looking to ground yourself in a truly unique experience of breath work, yoga, business, hair education and community must check this out. 5 stars to @heyelizabethfaye and her AMAZING team @hairloveuniversity

- Gloria Muniz

You can’t do it alone and you’re not meant to, we’re meant to be a tribe. We’re meant to run in a pack, and that’s why its important to get connected with a community and High Power has done just that. 

- Rachel Paige

The person I am today is a much different person that I was a few years ago, and a lot of that has to do with Elizabeth Faye and Hair Love. High Power has been so transformational and even more transformational than previous Hair Love events and programs. 

- Jessica Call

🦄HLR 2021 was one for the record books. The friendships, the opportunities, the emotions… It's been a magical week. @heyelizabethfaye and her team create such a safe place for everyone to face their fears and fight through limiting beliefs. I learned SO much about color theory and cutting from stylists that I have looked up to for years and I can’t wait to transform this next year!

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