The intersection of science, spirit & soul. When we FEEL good, we DO good!
A ripple effect of healing, one glow up at a time.

Changing the world through teaching breathwork & mindfulness to heart-centered humans



A 16 week self paced container for soul centered humans who are ready to add the medicine of breathwork & trauma aware coaching to their toolbox. Deepen your practice, share your gifts and assist in transformative healing

This container includes 12 months of live somatic healing with a monthly Glow Breathwork ceremony because we know YOUR EMBODIMENT & healing is a massive part of you being a phenomenal Glow Breathwork Facilitator, Coach & Space Holder. 

This hybrid method brings together ancient mindfulness tools & techniques, science, life coaching skills & subsconscious rewiring modalities

Your breath is medicine. your glow up is sacred.

The Glow Breathwork Certification 


Glow up with us!

We are honored to walk you through all the details to becoming a Glow Breathwork facilitator and coach. This certification is designed to bring you a hybrid of modalities and techniques that combined will allow for you to offer life changing experiences and cause massive change. 


you are a heart centered human & believe in community 

you are called to assist others in a big way & need tools to do that 

you feel called for more & have a special gifts & you are ready to unlock them 

you have been on a journey of healing and want to assist others in the same way 

you dream of coaching, hosting retreats and having a more holistic business 

you want to deepen your own embodiment and personal healing & love to learn 


Becoming a Glow Breathwork Coach & Facilitator isn’t something you do - it’s something that you feel CALLED and DRAWN to step into. 

Every client I have worked with has been called into this work because of their own personal healing journey and story.
So I honor what has brought you here and invite you to listen to your heart. 

If this resonates with you, I know that you are an entrepreneur looking for a more holistic approach with your income and impact.

This is perfect for...


What to expect as a glow breathwork coach

Learn how to facilitate powerful sessions, retreats and offer wellness services that will be medicine for your clients personal embodiment and nervous system healing. 

learn how to facilitate private breathwork, wellness services and guided holistic experiences 

learn how to cultivate community gatherings and conscious healing experiences for groups 

learn how to offer services digitally on zoom and pre-recorded sessions that can cause massive transformation for your clients 

understand the science, strategy and soul behind these ancient modalities and learn how to mix a hybrid of methods for maximum client transformation 

step into deeper personal embodiment and leadership as a space holder to assist your clients, children, team and community 

unlock your voice, purpose, and message as you deepen your core soul offerings 


The Glow Breathwork Method

We know that an inside out approach is the way to lasting results.
Here at Glow Breathwork, we can guarantee client results because our work is at the intersection of what creates human vitality. The Sacred Success Method is our proprietary hybrid method that allows us to quantify our clients & coaches results. 

Our Certification will share all of these tools with you! 






"The most life changing and impactful thing about the Glow Breathwork Certification was how to regulate your nervous system, understanding it, with embodiment practices.

I’ve been able to heal so much just through breath and to recognize parts of myself that have been laying dormant. the Glow Breathwork Certification will change your life in so many ways.

Run don’t walk to get certified!"

- Christina Boenker


"The Glow Breathwork Certification taught me a deeper knowledge of the mind/body connection and the process of dissecting the practice to different breaths and modalities within breathwork. I have learned to regulate my body and emotions by using my breath and I’m so so excited and inspired to begin to facilitate.

If you are thinking about joining the certification, Do. It. Now. It WILL change your life!"

- Sara Okamuro


"Glow Breathwork has helped me move through some big shifts and has opened my eyes to so much of how I be and Why I Be. I'm forever changed by this work. I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude that Glow Breathwork has also become a gift I'll be sharing with others. 

I know that i'm meant to share my gifts/my energy is for so much more and that the deeper I heal, the deeper i'll hold space for others. I can't wait to be seen more for myself and for others."

- Melissa McGrath


"The most impactful thing for me is breathing together. After that, I would say the history of past cultures who have used breathwork of sorts throughout history. I mean, wow! duh. And you can't forget the science- our bodies were literally made to heal us! What?!!! Why doesn't every practitioner everywhere use, teach & talk about this? 

This certification is magical. No matter what you choose to do with the education and the training it will be worth every penny and every moment spent learning. It's what I told myself before I committed ;) and I still don't know exactly how I will be adding it to the different aspects of my life, but that's part of the fun actually."

- Alyson Watkin 


"I would say to anyone on the fence to consider the certification the program gives the whole breakdown of the science of why breath work is so healing and even the origin which gives a new perspective-

the program is EASY to follow and is fun to "unlock" not only others potential and your own!" 

- Lauren Mcelroy


"I wanted to become Glow Certified because I knew I was missing something in my business and life, and this certification was the puzzle piece I was missing. I have grown as a coach and healer in all of my modalities and it has helped to create my own special vibe, This certification is it! Breathwork has been the sage that has helped me clean it all out. Glow Breathwork is the WHOLE PACKAGE!" 

- Lori Babb




The Glow Flow Pathway To Success 

scripts, templates, textbooks, step by step trainings, breath tutorials, breath cheat sheets, audio library of examples, the glow community & monthly live breathwork with our team 

Inside of our holistic breath college you will receive & LEARN

✔ the Glow Breathwork Method
✔ The History of Breathwork
✔ The Science of Breathwork
✔ The Science of the Nervous System 
✔ Leadership Embodiment Training 
✔ The Mind to Magic Embodiment & Ceremony Tool Library


✔ Understand the Subconscious Mind & Body Connection
✔ Learn the Language of Mind & Unlock Script Library
✔ The Art of Holding Space & Become the Vessel
✔ Transformative Life Coaching Facilitation Skills 
 ✔ Become Trauma Aware & Informed 
✔ Learn How to Work With Trauma & using somatic healing
✔ guiding Emotional Release 


✔ The Business of Breathwork & a holistic product suite
✔ Build Your holistic Client Offerings & Service Menu 
✔ Glow Breathwork Techniques & Mechanics 
✔ breath work library 
✔ Nervous System Healing & Regulation Client Tools
✔ Integration Tools & Creating Client Experiences 
✔ Deepen Your Breathwork Embodiment as a Coach


✔ Unlock the Proprietary Glow Flow breathwork Sequence
✔ Learn How To Set Up Client Sessions & Breath Flows 
✔ Learn to Facilitate 1:1 Rapid Glow breath Sessions
✔ Learn to Facilitate 1:1 Quantum Glow breath Sessions
✔ Learn to Facilitate Glow breath Journey Sessions for Groups  
✔ Learn to Facilitate Digital Sessions & Unlock My Tool List
✔ Unlock Teacher Tools, Playlist, Scripts & Templates 
✔ Unlock Client Waivers & Insurance Logistics 



The Signature Glow Breathwork Services

You will be trained in science, history, technique and mechanics of the mind & body deeply. You will be given our entire play book of energetic tools, scripts, language prompts, playlist and resources for your own self healing and assisting your clients. Then you will be walked through the 3 signature Glow Breathwork Services you will be able to offer to your community & clients. 

Any of these session types can be done in-person or virtual each with powerful and impactful results. Each session can be modified to accommodate any size group. 

In-Person Sessions: There is power in a group of people gathering together in the shared energy. Hands-on techniques can be utilized to help clients express or move through stuck energy. 

Virtual Sessions: Allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere. No limit on size of groups allowing you to reach and work with large groups as well as individuals. Perfect for 1:1 work, online programs or courses. 

Here is what you will be certified to do: 

Rapid Glow Up™ 


A quick 5-15 min reset. Great for adding into client 1:1 calls, in the middle of a service, in a group to support someone, quick wins & pre made audios! 

Quantum Glow Up™ 


Customized client glow sessions to help treat and transmute stuck-ness. This is created for 1:1 transformation sessions and can be done in person or digitally. 

The Glow Up Journey™ 


Full sessions for groups or retreats that take you through a massive emotional & energetic transformation. You can host womens/mens circles, retreats, corporate wellness, conferences or any sort of group work in person or digitally. 

Sign up between NOW AND MAY 20TH and use code GLOW500 and get $500 off of enrollment



 ✔ You are a heart centered human & believe in community 
 ✔  You are called to assist others in a big way & need tools to do that 
 ✔  You feel called for more & have a special gifts & you are ready to unlock them 
 ✔  You have been on a journey of healing and want to assist others in the same way 
 ✔  You dream of coaching, hosting retreats and having a more holistic business 
  ✔ You want to deepen your own embodiment and personal healing & love to learn






★ Pay in Full ★
one payment of $3997

TWO paymentS of $1998


The power of intention is everything!

When we set out to create this program we wanted every aspect to be intentional right down to the logo and what it represents. Sacred Geometry is a symbolic representation of creation itself, from the initial spark of divine energy to its emergence into the physical world. It is a representation of our own inner realm and our path to a higher consciousness.

As you look at the repeating patterns, moving ever outward you can visually see the birth of an idea, a breath starting it all and the ripples as they carry that light and energy onward. Expanding from its source (you) and out to those you touch, continuing onward and onward!

You are the ripple effect and we are so glad you are here!

elizabeth faye 

Xo Elizabeth Faye

"We know that an inside out approach is the way to lasting results. Here at Glow Breathwork we can guarantee client results because our work is at the intersection of what creates human vitality. The Sacred Success Method is our proprietary hybrid method that allows us to quantify our clients & coaches results. "

I combine my background of skills and experience for a unique approach to guided transformations.

Our mixed modality approach gives you the tools to be what I call at Energy DJ!

You will be able to curate experiences and healing that is life changing. Our mixed modality approach mixes tools like 

-somatic experiencing
-all types of breathwork 
-nervous system regulation tools
-embodiment work 
-life coaching sklils
-trauma awareness 
-subconscious rewiring 

the meaning behind "glow" & our logo   

The term “glow breathwork” came from hundreds of my followers & clients asking about my healing journey & saying
“you are glowing, what is the secret?”  So we coined the term & started calling them glow sessions. 

This has been the secret tool to our glow up & healing. This is a medicine that the world needs! Our mission is to awaken our community to their own medicine within & teach as many people as we can the power of breath. Your breath belongs to you!

Our prayer is that glow breathwork will be a ripple effect for healing, for somatic sovereignty and for unlocking human potential. 


in an attempt to save our lives -
we ended up transforming it 

Elizabeth Faye & Derek Solberg

In 2019, I hit a horrible wall. i had a wrecked nervous system, a toxic relationship and a booming business that I loved and also felt like was killing me slowly. I had to do something. It was the catalyst that lead to my spiritual awakening and finding holistic tools for healing & transformation. 

2020 was the perfect "what am I doing with my life" moment to take my healing to the next level.
I was living with my now husband and he was also in a horrible spot. He had battled suicidal ideation & severe depression his entire life & in 2019 his medicine stopped working. combined we were both ripe for a metamorphosis and to allow the universe to show us something greater. in desperation we opened ourselves up to "woo-woo" things & decided we had nothing to lose. "Why not try some weird shit!?" 

Mind you, we would have probably never ever noticed that world with a 10 foot pole. 

Turns out healing your nervous system is literally one of the most important things you can do.

Breathwork began to be one of the most sacred medicines in our life. 

Fast forward and it has completely changed the direction of our business & amplified our mission to help others reach their potential. We have helped thousands heal & tap into holistic ways of expanding human potential.

We have brought this medicine into corporate settings, major stages, schools & helped dozens learn to facilitate in their communities. Bringing breathwork into my business has been hands down the MOST transformative tool I have ever used. 

Our most asked question is..."Can you teach me to help other do what you have helped me do?" Well now we can say...Yes, let's glow!!!