Hey, I am Elizabeth Faye! A soul led entrepreneur helping others live & lead consciously. I serve the pro beauty industry. I have served tens of thousands of artist, thousands of beauty educators, over 30 brands & school networks. 

 I am a hairstylists turned industry advocate. I am a trauma informed business/life coach, breath-work expert, retreat host extraordinaire and speaker. I bring science, spirit and strategy all together in my work. 

I am a mother, wife & community leader. I am on a mission to change lives through wellbeing and bringing a holistic approach to business coaching, facilitation & leadership. 

 But what I believe the most is that you have a divine purpose & mission and I want to help you make it happen!!!! 

It's already yours.

HEY, I'M...


"when we feel good we do good" 

-elizabeth faye

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2x nominated for NAHA educator of the year 2022 & 2023 

viral tedx speaker 

"Hairstylists change the freakin’ WORLD!" - Elizabeth Faye

ONE ACT OF KINDNESS BEHIND THE CHAIR CHANGED MY LIFE. I know that hairstylist change the world because when I was 12, a hairstylist changed my whole world. 

When I was 12, I was expelled from school for coloring my natural level-8 hair with a box of dye I had shop-lifted from Walmart. 

My parents booked me a color correction at fancy upscale salon in The Mandalay, Las Vegas. And that’s where I met Brandon. He plopped me in his chair, and what do people do when they sit in a hairdresser’s chair? 

I shared every detail of my life. 

How I was partying, running away, my struggles at home, my constant bouncing from home to home because I was a “troubled punk.” I don’t remember what my hair looked like when I left. But I DO remember how I felt.

Heard. Beautiful. Seen. And loved.

When the bill came, my dad’s “your ass is grass” death stare said it all. But after leaving those salon doors, I had to go back. 

I wanted to feel heard, beautiful, seen and loved again. 


So I scraped together whatever money I could and brought it to Brandon.

“What can I get with this?” I said. 

“If you come back here with better grades on your report card, I’ll do your hair today — complimentary.” It was an exchange that continued for months. And as “C’s turned into “B’s” and “B’s” turned into “A’s” — Brandon and the entire salon started mentoring me. 

I swept floors and shampooed hair which ultimately landed me a full-blown position with the company. The rest was history.

But for the first time ever, I felt like I fit in. And it took a hair stylist to do that.
If you think hair professionals don’t change lives — think again.

I’m Elizabeth Faye, a hairstylist turned coach, current salon owner of 6 years, author, speaker, retreat host and major transformational coach on a mission to help hair professionals create their (wildest) dream lives.
I believe that YOU of all people deserve unbridled-AF happiness, total financial freedom, to work your dream schedule, to have time for family & rest and to be able to take vacas to magical places if that’s what your fiery heart desires.

When you and I work together, we’ll do MORE than implement systems that get you rolling in your dream income (though that’s part of it). We’ll employ the energetic work necessary for you to step into the most LIMITLESS vision of You imaginable. 

If you’re ready to hook your cute self up with an EPIC combo of consciousness work, soul healing and proven business strategy...

If you’re ready to put a 180 quantum flip on your entire freaking life...  

If you’re ready to heal what’s holding you back so you can step into your CEO power and become the sovereign ruler of your one precious life,
… you and I should meet, babe. ;) 

xo Elizabeth Faye

Elizabeth Faye is a globally recognized coach, speaker & author who teaches ambitious beauty entrepreneurs and educators on how to build dream lives they’re wildly in love with, complete with unapologetic wealth.

She’s responsible for facilitating 1000s of full-blown career transformations via her soul-spurred retreats and hair business mentorship programs. 

When she’s not holding space for women at retreats, coaching industry leaders, she’s off living her best damn life with her life partner, Derek, her spirited 8-year old Strider & two poodles.

Elizabeth and her beautiful blended family live in Southern Utah and love to travel the world. 

Beth Nygard

High Power changed my life forever. Doing breathwork with Elizabeth broke down barriers I had up for decades. Elizabeth is 100% of what being a coach truly means. A guide, mentor, teacher with a constant sprinkle of support and empathy. Breaking down barriers gave me the ability to move in my business and make conscious decisions instead of impulsive ones. And as a HUGE bonus from this program, I've met and built amazing relationships with the best women that will last a lifetime! This experience has been such a win for my personal life AND business life. 

- Kiera Doyle

Connecting with humans from all stages of my beauty career, meeting new friends, facilitating human design sessions, breathing, releasing, streching and growing, and of course, basking in the powerful energy of @heyelizabethfaye - I am forever changed at a cellular level. Beauty pro friends, this is an experience for the books - 11/10 recommend! 

- Kelly Cahen

I was seeking guidance for online entrepreneurship, & the best part about High Power was learning that I have limiting beliefs & how to navigate beyond them to continue making my goals a reality.

I took the leap & launched my program & earned $8k the first month. 

I am so inspired by Elizabeth & the group of peers inside High Power. You don't get like-minded people in your everyday life who can talk about money, success & goals. The group of women in this program listen, encourage & support you because they can all relate to your journey. My self awareness has elevated & exposed how I can grow each day to be better than yesterday.

- Yara De La Torre

@heyelizabethfaye Thank you for being the perfect coach to guide me through some of the deepest parts of this healing.

- Tenika Tang

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed trying to do it all… run different businesses… be a wife, a mother, a friend, a boss and have no in your life understand the feelings. High Power was a place where I didn’t feel so alone. Where queens/ boss babes in their field got together, leveled up, transformed from the inside out, where it was safe to be vulnerable. Elizabeth has a way of making you know who you are! I’m from a small island in the Caribbean… I felt and still feel like family with the women in that group. She gave me the tools to grow not only in my businesses but in my life. The truth is it was the best F*ing investment I made in myself. If you take the jump she will catch you.

Tori Nell

It was rally unvelievable what this has done for me. Everything about it from the music to Elizabeth Faye's words helped in ways I never thought possible. Your gift is something to be proud of. You change lives @heyelizabethfaye!

- Gloria Muniz

You can’t do it alone and you’re not meant to, we’re meant to be a tribe. We’re meant to run in a pack, and that’s why its important to get connected with a community and High Power has done just that. 

- Rachel Paige

The person I am today is a much different person that I was a few years ago, and a lot of that has to do with Elizabeth Faye and Hair Love. High Power has been so transformational and even more transformational than previous Hair Love events and programs. 

Check out what our babes have to say:

FIRST DIGITAL EVENT HOSTED IN MY LIVING ROOM DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC & was able to serve thousands of stylist globally

WAS STARTED IN MY CLOSET & now we help thousands of stylist around the world

MY FIRST SALON WAS A STUDIO THAT I OPENED IN 2011 AND IT WAS A HOT MESS & lead me to opening elizabeth faye salon & becoming an educator


I am an expert in business strategy, a trauma informed life coach, breath-work facilitator, salon owner, podcast host, author & the founder of Hair Love University. I live for helping entrepreneurs grow their dream biz while having an aligned life. I am disregarding the myth we were taught that you can’t have your cake & eat it too. Why in the world would I want a cake if I can’t eat it too??? I teach entrepreneurs how to bake their own cake from scratch, eat the damn thing guilt-free & encourage them to share a piece with a friend (hell, even sell a slice or two to buy your dream house.) In case you haven’t caught on yet “CAKE” represents your divine future life; filled with dream clients, vacations, rest, play, family, friends, & overflowing abundance. 



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