I cannot put into words how excited I am to be writing these words right now & for you to be here reading this. I am so happy you are here; that alone means we have been divinely aligned in some way. 

This advanced academy is going to be LITERALLY everything you could want from a high powered mastermind. I am thrilled to pour my soul, knowledge, resources, & magic into this & into YOU.

I knew in 2020 it was time to build another level to this community for someone just like YOU. If you are a powerful female entrepreneur looking to expand in 2022 in all areas, then you have come to the perfect place. This mastermind has been one of my most powerful containers I have ever created. 

This intimate & hands-on elite program is thoughtfully designed for high level female entrepreneurs who are building empires beyond their craft OR run multi-facet businesses. This is designed for the woman who has hustled to get where she is or is tired of hustling & ready to run her business at a higher level. It's time to step into your next level. A level of high powered work that has greater impact & more ease.

This is for educators, salon owners, & high level beauty pros, creative service based providers, coaches, product based companies etc..; most importantly this is for action takers & women who believe that they can lead with power & empathy.

This year-long academy is advanced learning, advanced action taking, advanced coaching, advanced community, advanced building, advanced networking, & a LIFE CHANGING retreat unlike any I have hosted. 

This is meant for business owners who are already running successful businesses & looking to take things to a higher powered level & want to HAVE SOME FUCKING fun building their empire with a group of entrepreneurs who will quickly feel like life long besties. 

I believe that we can help build each other's DREAMS. You can do it alone, but high powered entrepreneurs know they need community, relationship resources, & high level education to 10x their dreams. 

the world is ready for higher level of leadership. entrepreneurs that want to lead in their power & empower others to do the same. lead with ease, trust & in abundance! 


you're invited
to join the

High powered happiness

high powered impact

high powered wealth

high powered leadership

high powered business

high powered legacy to leave behind


You influence online & work with brands or sell a physical product. 

You are a service provider who wants to provide more ease for yourself & scale your business. 

You do or want to speak, host workshops, retreats sharing your expertise.

Manage a team of people/run a salon, boutique, spa etc...

Are currently coaching others or teach digitally or sell e-courses [or want to!]

Are a mega successful hairstylist  or service based provider & also have your hands in other things

Perfectly designed for YOU if… you currently run a successful business & you also...

We will have a private Voxer chat where we can all connect & I can answer questions. This will be a huge asset to have as a community. 

This is the secret sauce of the program. You literally have me in your back pocket 24/7. Some of the biggest transformations happen in voxer. You will be able to talk with me anytime, anywhere...about anything. 

Strategy support throughout a launch. Issues with staff, hiring or firing. Money questions. 

Life coaching support through your healing. Helping you work through anything personal. I am a trained life coach & can safely help you work through trauma that is holding you back. 

I will literally be there all year for you in any way. 

Voxer Access

This is going to be such an unreal learning experience. Every quarter we will have a masterclass with myself & guest experts in topics on Wealth, Marketing, Mindset, & Mentorship etc; all topics will be high level. These will be designed to be 4-6 hour days (with breaks). There will be workshops, speakers, & time for all of us to process what we learned & gain guidance on how you can apply this to your business & life. These topics will be carefully curated for the level of business we are at as a collective group & ways we can level up with ease in all areas. These will be exciting days we spend together. 

Quarterly Masterclass

The way to work with me 1:1 is through my High Powered Academy. You will be able to upgrade to additional 60 min minute coaching call for $500. I am here for you; this will be exclusive to this group. I want to pour all my focus into this. (You can upgrade to a maximum of 4 additional calls, but I truly think you won't need them with all the support you have!) 

All calls you have will be recorded & all notes will be given to you. I have a gift for making 1 call have the impact of 4! 

You also can add the Education Foundations Program to your enrollment for a special rate if needed. 

Discounted Upgrades

This is always a highlight of all my programs. You will quickly become close with all the other high powered women in the group. Here we will share wins, updates, questions, & goals. This is a great way to mastermind digitally & help each other. This is where the magic of helping each other grow becomes real, all year we get to help pour into one another & just watch the amazing collaborations that come out of this! Your academy tuition includes 3 group coaching sessions, so we have one each 4 months of the year to stay on track with your goals! Each session you will have time to ask questions, share your wins, & stay connected! 

Group Coaching

Your academy includes four coaching calls. These are designed to be a way that I can help you scale your business quickly, with focused game planning sessions where we discuss high level topics. You will come prepared to these calls & leave with an action plan. You will receive two private 60 minute calls with me that will be perfect for trouble shooting, & two 90 minute sessions with me for high level ideation & strategy building. I am here to help you maximize these calls! 

These can be used for high level strategy, deep life coaching or anything else you may need. 

1:1 Coaching

Your enrollment includes one world class retreat experience. In March a luxury, all inclusive, 5 day retreat in Southern Utah mansion focusing on business, bonding, fun & high level masterminding. You will leave rested, rejuvenated, & ready to take on your year. We have some insane experiences planned & a private 5 star chef. 

You can expect mastermind style workshops & incredible experiences. You will leave with headshots, social media content, clarity & life-long high level friendships with women who can support you year long. 

utah Mastermind


The Future is Bright

The Plan to Win Planner + E-Course to set you up for your best year [$99 value]
Access to 20 of my evergreen courses to use as up-sells [$10k value]
Access to Sacred Stylist for 12 months (if you are currently enrolled you will no longer need to pay for it) (we are upgrading the program in 2022 & raising the price to 4,444k & you will have access to it all!)
Access to any digital guided breath-work sessions I host 

(Also keep in mind, there are 24 spots TOTAL & only 2 left 

Massive Bonuses for those enrolled early

1 All Inclusive Luxury Mastermind Retreat 
Southern Utah Mansion Mastermind Experience March 2-8th 2021 
Four 1-Day Masterclasses on High Level Topics covering mindset, wealth, marketing, facilitation and leadership & Life-time access to recordings
4 1:1 Coaching Calls [2 90 minute calls, 2 60 minute calls]
24/7 Voxer Access, literally have me in your back pocket all year 
Group calls 

12 month academy

Deposit today
+ Monthly Payments

The Investment

- Kelly Cahen

I was seeking guidance for online entrepreneurship, & the best part about High Power was learning that I have limiting beliefs & how to navigate beyond them to continue making my goals a reality.

I took the leap & launched my program & earned $8k the first month. 

I am so inspired by Elizabeth & the group of peers inside High Power. You don't get like-minded people in your everyday life who can talk about money, success & goals. The group of women in this program listen, encourage & support you because they can all relate to your journey. My self awareness has elevated & exposed how I can grow each day to be better than yesterday.

- Tenika Tang

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed trying to do it all… run different businesses… be a wife, a mother, a friend, a boss and have no in your life understand the feelings. High Power was a place where I didn’t feel so alone. Where queens/ boss babes in their field got together, leveled up, transformed from the inside out, where it was safe to be vulnerable. Elizabeth has a way of making you know who you are! I’m from a small island in the Caribbean… I felt and still feel like family with the women in that group. She gave me the tools to grow not only in my businesses but in my life. The truth is it was the best F*ing investment I made in myself. If you take the jump she will catch you.

- Chrystal L.

​​High Power has been life changing- realizing that we have to grow our innermost self before we can change our outer self. I am a pretty closed off person, and everyone was so welcoming and Elizabeth is such a warm person, it was so easy to shed the fear, and be able to be open, and that made such a big impact on my life.

When you invest in a coach that money is going to come back tenfold.

- Shelby Bettencourt

I joined the high power academy to help me elevate my career. Little did I know, this shit is changing my life. I am Beyond thankful to myself for investing in myself. Thankful for those who allowed me to be here, My new forever friends, And for those who will have me help change their lives in the future. I’ve always wanted a community and people I could call friends and bounce ideas off of that weren’t trying to limit me. High Power is that. 

- Jordan Jones

I didn’t really know what I needed, but I knew I needed like-minded people. This program is so transformative because you can’t really be successful in business until you’re right with yourself. Once you are right with yourself, it is so much easier and more fulfilling when you reach your goals. 

- Gloria Muniz

You can’t do it alone and you’re not meant to, we’re meant to be a tribe. We’re meant to run in a pack, and that’s why its important to get connected with a community and High Power has done just that. 

- Rachel Paige

The person I am today is a much different person that I was a few years ago, and a lot of that has to do with Elizabeth Faye and Hair Love. High Power has been so transformational and even more transformational than previous Hair Love events and programs. 

Check out what our babes have to say:

$1.200 monthly starting Jan 1st 2021
Luxury Retreat 
1:1 Coaching package
Group coaching package
Quarterly masterclass 
Voxer Access to Elizabeth Faye
Welcome Gift 

welcome to your high power life!

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I am ready!

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We will reach out to you to set up a discovery call to see if this experience is right for us & you. 

Can't wait to meet you.
 Serious inquiries only.

If you have been pre-approved you can enroll now. 

So often we wait for a sign or perfect moment to start living our life to our fullest potential. I believe that moment is when you choose it to be." -Elizabeth Faye

"I believe in starting now, starting messy, never giving up, & in being your own fairy god mother.

Elizabeth's mission is to change the beauty industry by helping industry leaders grow their empire! That means YOU. My mission is to HELP you be the most abundant, successful, & impactful entrepreneur you can be.

A little bit about...

Elizabeth Faye

Elizabeth Faye is a globally recognized life/business coach, speaker & author who teaches ambitious hair professionals, hair educators and salon owners how to build dream lives they’re wildly in love with, complete with unapologetic wealth. 

She’s responsible for facilitating 1000s of full-blown career transformations via her soul-spurred retreats and hair business mentorship programs. 

When she’s not holding space for women at retreats, coaching industry leaders, she’s off living her best damn life with her beau Derek, her spunky 8-year old Strider & two poodles.

Elizabeth and her beautiful blended family live in Southern Utah and love to travel the world. She believes that personal fulfillment is as important as business fulfillment & when we find harmony between the two...you become a better leader! 

A little bit about Elizabeth...


I am an example of creating a life that lights you up, even when that feels impossible or out of reach. From trouble youth, high school drop and single mom...I have found my way into a life that feels purpose driven and fulfilling. I am so passionate about also brining my background and expertise in guided healing & life coaching because these experiences have so deeply transformed my life, the life of my family, thousands of clients & my business income & impact. My calling is to help you step into your power. Here are some fun milestones in my career...I have a feeling we will have a few things in common. xx Elizabeth Faye 

*Retired stylist of 10 years 
*Current salon owner 6 years in 
*Global speaker & educator since 2013
*Author [publishing my first book Fall 2022...woot!] 
*Have hosted over 200+ workshops 
*Have hosted 9 multi hundred person events
*Have hosted 6 small mastermind retreats 
*Background as a beauty school teacher & have worked for corporate beauty education for 6 years 
*Have worked with over 40+ major industry brands 
*Have helped nearly 3,000+ stylist find business success on their terms
*Have invested almost a half a million into my personal education to be a better coach, leader & human! You could say I believe in coaching! 
*Certified life coach, timeline therapist. EFT tapping, inner child work, Somatic Release Breath-work, Trauma Informed, NLP practitioner, Reiki Level 1 Attuned & a forever student! 

I believe you are being divinely guided...a little about my journey

Alright...I love talking about all the magic things but now it's time for the legal stuff.

Retreat & Coaching Policies...

Your retreat ticket is neither non refundable or transferrable to another event & all coaching must be used within the given time frame. 

In case of any unforeseen Covid-19 or pandemic issue where the event is illegal to host. We will reschedule the date. The same purchasing policies apply.

By purchasing your ticket you agree to the following terms and conditions of sale related to the Hair Love Retreat, LLC (“The Retreat”). At the time of signing up for The Retreat, you agree to pay the full balance of AMOUNT in monthly installments based on your payment plan. 

If The Retreat is cancelled for reasons outside of our control, whether to due COVID-19, or for other reasons, we will provide you with a transfer credit to be used for the scheduled same future event hosted by us within 2022. 

This retreat may change locations or dates if that is the case. If you choose not to attend the rescheduled date/location you are forfeiting your retreat credit.

 While we will not impose any unnecessary restrictions, due to the nature of travel in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel, airline and/or other vendors involved in The Retreat may require pre screening methods from you, including but not limited to COVID-19 tests, mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, and other reasonable health and safety precautions.

Therefore, by agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you will comply with certain safety requirements that may be necessary to participate in The Retreat. 

Above explains what you need to understand about Covid & refunds/transfers. For the full mastermind agreement & policies please go HERE. https://elizabeth-faye.mykajabi.com/HighPowerAcademyTermsPolicies

Covid-19 + Purchasing Policies

We would love to help! Please email us at info@hairloveretreat.com. If you have more questions regarding coaching, email us there and we can set up a call with Elizabeth Faye to help you decide if this academy is perfect for you. 

I have more questions.

I am so excited about these Masterclasses. So these will be a 4-6 hour day of advance education, planning & masterminding. I will prepare a high level lesson/ bring in high level experts on the topics. We will all learn than the last part discuss as a group. I will base the classes based on the overall needs of the group but examples of some of the classes would be... 
MONEY: bank account management or structuring your business correctly 
(I may bring in my personal finance manager or business lawyer) 
MARKETING: Paid advertising & funnels, high level batch working...
(I may bring in my ads manager & teach you how we manage high volumes of content without going bananas) 
MENTORSHIP: Build our mission statements & culture codes, high level discussions on hiring help & managing a team (no matter how small or big) 
LEADERSHIP or HIGH POWERED LIFE...We may talk about balancing relationships while scaling a company. We may bring in relationship experts or therapist etc... 
(I would prepare high level lessons & workshops that will save you years of headaches & thousands of dollars) 

I want to know more about the Masterclass?

Group coaching is such a powerful part of this academy. You will bond with the other women & be able to share your wins & challenges. There will be different group calls through different parts of the year. We will have goals sharing time, challenges, failures & brain storming the next part of the year.  
This is a powerful way to keep on track all year with your transformation goals. 

I want to know more about the coaching & group coaching.

The Southern Utah Mansion Mastermind will be March 2nd-7th at a stunning beach front mansion in Saint George. We have many amazing experiences booked. We may have guest speakers, workshops & incredible excursions. 

When is the utah mastermind Retreat & tell me more about it?

January: Your welcome gift comes to you & you have a special exercise you have to do! You will LOVE this. Welcome Group Coaching Call + Digital Mastermind on a Monday 
February: 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online) 
March: Southern Utah Retreat March 2nd-7th, 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
April: 2nd Group Masterclass, 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
May: 20th-22nd Hair Love Digital Event [invite your staff & students], 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
June: 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
July: Group call mid year check in, 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
August: 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
September: 3rd Group Masterclass, 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
October: 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
2023 High Power Enrollment Begins 
November: 4th Group Masterclass, 1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)
December: We refer back to your special thing you did in January & we pop bottles!
Final Group Coaching call/party/year in review celebration 
1:1 coaching opens on Wednesdays (you will be able to book them online)

What will be the schedule of the 2022 year?

Questions, babe?