I coach ambitious hairstylists to create  their dream business & manifest joyously wealthy lives.

Do you daydream of having more support, money & time & are finally ready to do what it takes to do your inner work & make your business dreams happen.

You want to learn how to be a magnet for success & intentionally manifest what you desire but you feel overwhelmed. 

Having the systems & skills to run your business as a high performance business sounds amazing but you need support to get there.

You know you have limiting beliefs holding you back from your full potential but don't know how to move past them?

Do you dream of being a hairstylist or salon owner who makes your dream income with ease?

Does this sound familiar?


sacred stylist

Will you be one of them? 

I am in the business of creating wealthy hairstylists & salon owners!

I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you.

What if I told you these “unicorn” rich & healthy hairstylists are a lot less rare than you think & you too can have that dream beauty career. I can show you how.

This whole “having it all” thing feels like a pipe dream or out of your reach.

**you are finally ready to start living a wealthier & more peaceful life!!
**ready to heal what is holding you back 
**you are ready to lead as your highest self  

This program has been my greatest project & seeing others hit their wealth goals & gain work-life balance has been nothing short of life-changing. You are probably here because you have similar dreams. You started in this industry to have FREEDOM, make great money & make others feel beautiful.


** you are crazy passionate about what you do
** you have big dreams buzzing in your brain
** you, figuratively (and maybe literally lol), wear a lot of hats


I created The Sacred Stylist™ coaching program for hairstylists, salon owners & beauty educators who are just like me. Because you are reading this right now…I have a good feeling we are a lot alike.

I'm Elizabeth Faye

(I promise)

You have to walk through the growth transitions in your business.

But you don’t have to walk through lost, scared or ALONE!

YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE LOOP! Or you will live in the loop until you realize you didn’t save enough to retire properly & you are tired of being unhappy & underpaid. You have to LEAP out of the loop. Invest the time. Invest the money. Invest in your future. The only way out is THROUGH. You deserve better. 

to actually stop & do something different

to not make enough money

working like crazy

 It is easy to fall into a pattern of waiting to change. Waiting for a better more convenient time to change your life. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Don't continue these patterns. You were made for sooo much more than that. 

There is a trap I don’t want you to fall into. I actually call it a LOOP. Break the loop!!!!!!!

The biggest thing getting in the way of so many beauty businesses really making it is they are working so damn hard IN their business that they are NOT taking the time to work ON their business & ON THEMSELVES. They are a slave to the cycle of;

Does any of this sound freaking familiar?

Ding ding ding!  
It's time to step into your power. rewrite what is holding you back & claim the future of your dreams.

1. Healing. When we avoid the inner work our outer world struggles to evolve. In this program I will walk you through life changing healing modalities to help you bring awareness to your patterns, rewire them for good & step into your power.

2. Moneyyyyy! Money is a tool that our businesses & lives require to expand & reach their full potential. We will heal our money story & learn how to run our business like a CEO. This means budgets, spreadsheets & greater understanding. Once we do the inner work, we can do the outer work & break scarcity patterns that have kept you hostage. 

3. Systems, marketing, branding, boundaries, community & messaging. Not only will we dive into the strategy side of it all but I will walk you through how to build a business authentic to YOU & work with your subconscious to build your empire. 

4. Lastly, a CEO mindset will change everything! It is crucial to adopt a healthy CEO mindset. You have to treat your business like a business & believe that you are capable of running a badass wealthy business! I can help you with this big time. This is where we talk about scaling, hiring support & leading your team. 

There are a few major hurdles that I see STOPPING hairstylists from reaching maximum wealth & business growth. This is where I come in!

When our proven business strategies paired with healing & the support of the community, you will be able to successfully run a wealthy business on your terms. (Honestly, we know many who are running multi 6 figure businesses with our systems; growth starts becoming a lot more fun & less of a headache.)

2020 rocked our industry, bank accounts & souls; but on the other side of this is an opportunity to RISE up and show up differently. For yourself & your business.  With the right tools, strategy, guidance, support system & intention you could make 2022 by far, your most expansive year yet. 

My promise

this is important!

a deeply transformative curriculum 


live workshops &

sacred stylist includes the 3 parts of what we believe create lasting transformation.

I believe that what is desired by you is destined for you! I want to help you create a business & life of your design.

...time for your family, health, vacations etc...creating the exact amount of wealth you deserve and desire....endless abundance flowing towards you.

dream clients
dream salon
dream team
dream vacations
dream schedule

if you could create the business
 of your dreams.

success in your freaking hands!

This year alone I have help so many amazing people like you to transform their life & business. I believe that success in the hands of hairstylists makes the world a better place. We help & serve so many! That means you.

You freaking didn't have to sacrifice your health or time with family & friends or be burned out or lose quality time with those you love to have this?

I told you I could teach you how to no longer feel energetically drained after work & learn how to protect yourself energetically in your life & business?

I could show you how to make marketing online FUN & not feel like a chore but rather a way to serve your dream audience & a constant stream of abundance?

I told you I could help you heal your relationship with money & help you step into abundance & learn to make & manage your dream income?

I told you I could show you to release & overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back & I could show you how to rewire your beliefs?

I told you I could teach you how to create & live an aligned life? That alignment would bleed over into your business & wealth!

Hey there, I am Elizabeth Faye. I am a business & life coach for hairstylist, salon owners & beauty educators. I have helped thousands of professional beauty entrepreneurs create deep & lastly freedom in their life & business. 

I am a certified life & business coach  who specializes in business energetics. My unique approach to business coaching is nothing short of transformative. I believe in pairing limiting belief work & subconscious rewiring with business strategy. I am also a Somatic Release Breath-work practitioner & I pair my knowledge of healing our nervous system with my business strategy coaching. When we work on a deep level like this to clear what is holding you back for good & create balance & peace in the body & mind...business strategy becomes easy, fun & aligned. 

I believe that wealth in the hands of hairstylists makes the world a better place & I do my part by helping hairstylists change their own life & become wealthy & aligned!  xx Elizabeth Faye

xo elizabeth faye

Elizabeth Faye is a globally recognized life/business coach, speaker & author who teaches ambitious hair professionals, hair educators and salon owners how to build dream lives they’re wildly in love with, complete with unapologetic wealth. 

She’s responsible for facilitating 1000s of full-blown career transformations via her soul-spurred retreats and hair business mentorship programs. 

When she’s not holding space for women at retreats, coaching industry leaders, she’s off living her best damn life with her beau Derek, her spunky 8-year old Strider & two poodles.

Elizabeth and her beautiful blended family live in Southern Utah and love to travel the world. She believes that personal fulfillment is as important as business fulfillment & when we find harmony between the two...you become a better leader! 

it's time to step into your power



Monthly Group
coaching Hot Seats 

live workshops &
guest expert calls

breath-work, mediations & guided limiting belief work
& transformative biz strategy

Before we dive into what is in the curriculum, we want to lay out the new & improved conscious coaching format you will be a part of! I personally know the power of hiring a coach. It has changed my life & business time & time again.

new & improved

** three live 3 hour workshops with Elizabeth Faye
 **eight guest expert calls 
**monthly hot seat coaching
**graduation call

live workshops &
GUEST EXPERTS & hot seats

**throughout the program there will be different resources for breath work & visualization...some will be live & some pre-corded
**these resources are deeply healing, help you gain clarity in business & step into your power  

breathwork &

**the three live Sacred Stylist Workshops [3 hours long each]  will be deeply healing & transformative **there will be also be pre-corded guided resources as well & trainings

sacred stylist
healing curriculum

**this entire program is a combination of personal & business development designed to help you generate more wealth & success with ease
**our program has a proven business strategy that has helped thousands create a business & income they love 

sacred stylist business
 Strategy curriculum

we have a laid out roadmap that we call the wealthy stylist roadmap (which is the sacred stylist program) 

  Sacred Stylist

Now let's get into the program for

Becoming A Sacred Stylist 

following the Wealthy Stylist Roadmap 
a pathway to step into your personal power, abundance, freedom & healing in business & life 





My Direction

Intention & Alignment
Goal Setting & Dream Life 
Define Your Values, Priorities & Culture
Define Lives Purpose & Business Mission 
Learn Your Human Design 
+ breathwork, hot seats & live calls

My Healing

Working with the Subconscious & Conscious
Heal What is Holding You Back [limiting belief work]
Forgiveness is the Freedom
Step Into The New You & quantum leap
Manifest Your Dream Outcome 

My Wealth

Heal Your Money 
Forgive Your Money 
Become the Money Magnet 
The Perfect Pricing Method System [learn how be the CFO of your
business & track, manage and price your services
Predict Your Future Income & Create It]
Money management & Systems 
Wealth Management- Expert Calls [profit 1st, taxes, insurance & retirement] 

My Magnetism 

Dream Client Avatar 
Luxury Client Communication 
The Consultation Sandwich 
Energy Protection in the Salon 
The Art of Holding Space 
Beautiful Boundaries 

My Systems & Flow 

Business Energetics [Masculine & Feminine Energies] 
Heal Your Wounded Masculine & Feminine 
Forgive Polarity & Find Harmony 
Systems, Structure & Automation 
Online Booking 
The Client Funnel 
Heal Hustle & Find the Ease 
Step into Your Divine Feminine as the CEO of your Business 

My Empire

Sexy Selling & RecEIving Money & Success 
The Art of Story-Telling 
Tapping into Influencer Marketing in the Salon 
Heal Your Relationship with Marketing 
It's Safe to be Seen 
Hiring Help & Support 
Legacy Leadership

Yes...this is real life, these bonuses are next level. So now that we are retiring The Workshop In a Box with this amazing Sacred Stylist rebrand...we still have SOOOOO many epic resources that are life changing. 

With your enrollment today you will also get access to...

*Over 20 bonus WIB business workshops that are favorites in our community! [3k value]

*2 Workshop in a Boxes sent to your house! 


The 12 Month Scared Stylist Coaching Program
1:1 Group Hot Seat Coaching
3 Live Sacred Stylist Workshops 
8 Guest Expert Calls
2 Workshop in a Box Gift Boxes
Sacred Stylist Certification 
Access to stay in the Sacred Stylist Membership after graduation



The 12 Month Scared Stylist Coaching Program
1:1 Group Hot Seat Coaching
3 Live Sacred Stylist Workshops 
8 Guest Expert Calls
2 Workshop in a Box Gift Boxes
Sacred Stylist Certification 
Access to stay in the Sacred Stylist Membership after graduation

if you have a discount code use that at checkout! 
12 month interest free payments

PAYMENT PLAN [most popular option]

Enroll today babe


This program should be called Boss A** Stylist in a box because it will have you feeling so in control of your destiny!! If you are willing and prepared to do the work (Yes, there is a lot of work), all the steps are here and waiting for you to take full advantage. Elizabeth and her fantastic squad have built a tangible - whip you into your best self - system that will have your business soaring in no time! This program is one of the best investments I have made. l'm super excited to see how this community continues to evolve.

Shay miller

THANK YOU doesn’t seem like enough. I am just finishing month 3, money mindset & I am noticing everything I didn't have a clue about. Talk about clarity, I'm loving this perfect pricing method journal. I got the SalonScale & holy cow. I'm not charging enough for my 4 days of clients. Truly you’re helping this stylist out & I LOVE YOU for it! I had to tell you, I know in the long run this will help in so many ways! 

Sheena bautista

The WIB program touches more than just the business side of things. Elizabeth’s point of view is different with the addition of her being a life coach. Most coaches are just business coaches, with Elizabeth being both a business and life coach I feel that she’s able to connect with stylists beyond just the business. Her mission resonates with me because I believe growing from the inside out is that much more life changing then just growing surface level. It means so much to have her support without judgement. I was able to not just talk about the business but also the “emotional” part attached to the business. I also appreciate her accessibility. I think it’s so awesome that she truly wants to have direct contact with those of us enrolled in the program - that I am able to reach out to her via Instagram and actually receive a response as well as have direct coaching from her through hot seats.


This program has been such a game changer for my business. The amount of education and inspiration that I’ve gained, I'm truly so grateful. I never knew a community like this ever existed. I have gained so many awesome people in my life through this program that I cherish so much. You never know who you will meet and what connections are ahead of you until you step out in faith for something different! I am so blessed for this family!


Hi! I just wanted to tell you thank you for creating this program. I started the program in July and made a goal for myself to make $3,000 in September, and I hit my goal today. I know that’s not a lot of money, but i have never made anywhere near that in the past months. I’ve only been a stylist for about a year and a half and that seemed like such a hard goal, but your program helped me get there. So I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into this class. I have loved being a part of it and can’t wait to be able to go to one of your retreats someday. 

- Beth Nygard

I joined this program to refresh by business but what it actually did was refresh my mindset more, which, moved the needle in my business. It gave me such a new perspective and I gained so much confidence as a business owner, Esthetician, and service provider. I moved out of a life of hustle and burnout and moved into ease and trust (even though the panicky old me comes out sometimes and I have to chill her out! Haha). 


Going through this program was one of the best decisions that I’ve made! This program + Team really helped me discover myself, and helped me stay focused, and gave me the tools to solely build my business in the most efficient way!! If I could give any advice it would be; follow the program as Elizabeth has strategically laid it out to get ALL THE BENEFITS!! I cannot say enough how thankful I am for Elizabeth, and the HAIR LOVE TRIBE!

Janae Tafoya-Holbrook

This program is a game changer!! Once I sat down made a plan and did the numbers it all made sense!! I quickly implemented change. My business has doubled over the past 6 months! This group gave me the motivation to keep going. I made a real life bestie and have this program to thank for it!! If you are ready to take it up a notch, this program is where its at!

Charlotte Ballinger

I had been feeling like I needed some direction and always more education. There it was, everything I was searching for IN A BOX!! In this program, I’ve found not only fabulous hair painting and business education but a community of stylists from all over the country and further. We bounce ideas off each other, send encouragement and cheer each other on! Coach Elizabeth Faye shares her experiences with us in a real unfiltered way that is so refreshing. There is still so much to learn. I am excited to see what’s next! 

Rachel butler

This program changed not only my career but my entire life, so much so that it has overflowed through me and changed the lives of the 24 amazing women that I am a leader of in my salon. There is such an incredible sense of community and empowerment within these groups. I always feel so much love and support from all of my new friends I have made across the entire country. I will forever be a part of Hair Love Retreat and this program, the positive energy and good vibes are something I’ve never experienced elsewhere in my 12 years of being a stylist and business owner. I’m addicted

Amanda rochelle

This program has pretty much blown my mind! In just a few months I feel more challenged and inspired than I have in a long time. Elizabeth has created a community of driven women who are ready to hustle alongside you. I can already feel my business mentality evolving for the better. I’m so happy I made this investment. If you’re ready to grow in all the right ways, This program is for you!

andria bade

This Program has been one of the best investments I have ever done for myself. Not only am I learning how to help my business become more successful, I am also learning about self love and how dreams can be manifested. You are also introduced to like minded people. I love it 


Elizabeth created magic!! Pure magic, is the only way I have been able to describe it. I have never felt love and bliss like this. It’s not only TOP NOTCH education, it’s a feeling of family and support like you have never felt before. Women not trying to out do each other but women building other women up. Life long connections! And learned a thing or two ;)

elyse farnsworth

This program changed the way I think as a business owner and a stylist in the best way possible. It has made me believe in my worth and skill and provided me with the loving, supportive community I’ve always dreamed of. Each one of us deserves this program.

Check out what our clients have to say:

heal what is holding you back & step into your ceo power. 

You deserve the life and business you dream of. 

Combining the power of inner healing & business strategy...all aligned with your unqiue business mission.

Experience greater transformation with Business Energetics Coaching.  

 The 12 Month Scared Stylist Coaching Program
1:1 Group Hot Seat Coaching
3 Live Sacred Stylist Workshops 
8 Guest Expert Calls
2 Workshop in a Box Gift Boxes
Sacred Stylist Certification 
Access to stay in the Sacred Stylist Membership after graduation


PAYMENT PLAN [most popular option]

Enroll today babe

Feel free to reach out to us at support@theworkshopinabox.com 

If you have business coaching related questions or questions about if this will be a fit for you, please personally DM me on instagram @heyelizabethfaye & I am more than happy to get to know you & see how I can support you! 

I have more questions.

All payments are non refundable & you are committing to a 12 month coaching program. 

You will only have access to coaching & the program as long as you are a paying member. Think of this like a gym membership. You have access to the tools & trainers when you pay. Sacred Stylist is so much more than a course; it is a coaching program & active community. 

You will though have lifetime access to, Website School + Missy's course.

Purchasing Policies

That includes watching webinars, tutorials & doing your assignments. You’ll get out what you put in!

Great change takes commitment. We are here to help & we know life happens...but there is never a time where there is time...You make time for your priorities. We teach you time saving techniques & expert calendaring tactics to be able to become a more efficient entrepreneur & collapse time. 

We highly urge you to start taking Mondays off to be your new "biz day". That way you can spend that day as a CEO day or working on yourself or the program. 

Is your future a priority? Is freedom a priority?  

For best results, what kind of time commitment should I expect?

This is a program for professional hairstylists, salon owners & educators who are serious about wanting to heal what is holding them back & step into their power in life & business.

We’re here for those who want to own their power & finally create & manifest everything they want. 

If you are dreaming of making 6+ figures all the while having a personal life you love, THIS IS FOR YOU. 

If you make 6 figures but have to work like crazy to do it, THIS IS FOR YOU. We are here to help you find aligned success. 

This is for passionate dreamers ready to do the work. Is that you?

Who is this perfect for?

It is a 12 month coaching commitment.

Every month you are walked through another portion of the program along with given coaching support. It is always changing & evolving. There is an option to stay in the program as well after you graduate. 

That option is called ACCESS; many of our members opt to stay in. It's such an affordable way to have coaching, community & constant education at your finger tips. 

 After you graduate we will have a digital graduation party, you are officially certified & can choose to stay in the membership. 

How long is sacred stylist? What happens after I graduate?

It takes place in a private education portal & app specifically for the program. All updates & resources live through there. There is a mobile & desktop version, so basically we got you covered. 

Where does sacred stylist take place?

Some quick FAQs

- Bethany beliz

This program has been a game changer for me! It seriously helped me to focus not only on my salon, but also on me. Every month builds on the month before & I love that! I struggled knowing how to make changes that I know needed to happen & this workshop basically spells it out for you & walks you through it & explains why. I mean it can’t get any better than that! Plus there is help every step of the way in terms of Elizabeth, & all the other women taking the course also. Everyone is there to help & encourage. I 100% recommended!

- courtney branom

It's hard to sum up my experience in this program. The connections and friendships I have made are ones that I will cherish forever. It has changed me and my career entirely and indefinitely. If you're looking for that game changer in your life, this is for you. 

- desirae blais

This program was probably the best decision i've ever made. Not only was the education amazing, but the connections made were even more. I've never felt more empowered and supported in this industry. Hair Love has completely changed how I view my career, my life, and myself. It's truly a one of a kind life changing experience. 

- Kim Gilbert

My career is heading in a completely new direction than I ever thought possible because I am surrounded by women who are also leveling up. I am now a proud salon owner, which wasn't something I ever thought possible when I  enrolled. These women gave me the support and confidence to be true to myself, get clear on my vision and followg my heart. I hair love ya'll so much.  

- Addie Jones

I don't feel like I'm cluelessly trying to build an empire anymore. This program is helping me trust my instincts and myself so much more. Thank you Elizabeth! 

Check out what our clients have to say:

The 12 Month Scared Stylist Coaching Program
1:1 Group Hot Seat Coaching
3 Live Sacred Stylist Workshops 
8 Guest Expert Calls
2 Workshop in a Box Gift Boxes
Sacred Stylist Certification 
Access to stay in the Sacred Stylist Membership after graduation


PAYMENT PLAN [most popular option]

Enroll today babe