As an entrepreneur & professional day dreamer I know coaching is the key to really taking your life to the next level; to turning those day dreams into your reality & paycheck. I hired my first official coach in 2014 & have been a major self learner for as long as I can remember. Hiring a coach expanded & CHANGED my life.

I will NEVER go without one. Ever. I remembered a pivotal moment in my career, one where I was holding on so desperately to everything I owned & believed & was too terrified to step forward in my truth to get the risk of losing it all.

 A friend of mine said something that shook me.


"How can you receive MORE when your hands are closed clinging on to everything you have so tightly." Boom!! That was it.

 You must be willing to loose yourself a bit, question your beliefs, the stories you tell yourself & even the tangible things like clients & physical treasures to be OPEN TO MORE.

More knowledge, more money, more love, more community & more abundance. If you know you are ready for more...

I am here & ready to help, but I need you to keep your heart & hands open.

experience based learning for deep transformation


Hair Love is our signature experience. Perfect for any professional in the professional hair industry.  This is our most well rounded experience & an incredible way to be deeply connected in the Hair Love community.

Come hang out with other likeminded artist, industry leaders, educators & brands. Come home refreshed, enlightened & transformed. Sure to change your life. Ps: we also throw the best dance parties ever! 

our most famous retreat


Join us in Tulum in Jan 2025 for one of the most transformative experiences of your life. Love Retreat is a special & powerful experience designed for deep healing work, rest, play & embodiment. Come release what is holding you back & come home as your higher self. 

This experience is sacred & very intimate. If you are feeling called to do healing work & want to work with me for an entire week on a private beach, with amazing chefs & the sound of the ocean rocking you to sleep. This is the experience for you. 

our healing experience


Are you a multi-passionate female leading an empire? Managing a team or looking to scale with ease? From high level healing, business strategy & private mentorship from a high level coach. 

This mastermind includes private coaching, group coaching, access to Sacred Stylist & a high level retreat. An advanced mastermind experience with high level women who love to explore, play, shop, see the world & run wealthy empires. 

high level mastermind 

high power mastermind

hair love  FALL 2024

come to tulum 2025

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- Rosie Daza

For a long time I had been praying for something amazing to come my way to help me recharge my creativity, my inspiration, motivation, my mind and soul.
I get emotional just thinking about it because literally this was just what I needed to spark ️ again that love for my 20 year Career but little I knew how this retreat would change my life.

Thank you @heyelizabethfaye and her amazing team and collaborators that were part of it. I know because of all of you. You have change so many lives in the most precious way.

- Geysha Tommassone

This shit was next level… I can’t even put into words what this retreat has done for my well being and professional career. Coming here alone was so intimidating but exciting all at the same time. I walked in solo and damn, I left with some badass forever friends.
What an incredible, incredible, incredible experience. I laughed so much that I peed myself. I cried so much connecting with people and diving deep into my healing journey. The connection with everyone was something I will never forget. @heyelizabethfaye 🤟🏼 @hairloveuniversity this forever changed me. Thank you 🙏🏼

- Megan King

Getting ready to land in SF after an amazing long weekend in Dripping Springs Texas at Hair Love Retreat. I have learned so much, an overwhelming amount, of things about myself this weekend. I honestly was really nervous going into this… I was uncomfortable as hell, but now I feel so grateful. When you’re going through it in your mind and are able to have meaningful conversations with unbiased people who have literally stood in your shoes before…. AND SURVIVED…. 🤯 people who have gone through soooo many things I could’ve never fathomed before as a business owner. It was like a breath of fresh air

- Jordan Jones

It's been three weeks since I've come back from Tulum. I've been trying to savor every memory and I've been wracking my brain what to tell you. I'll sum it up but honestly I want to keep most of it to myself. I met women who have supported the hell out of me. I cried a lot and laughed a lot more. I learned more about me in one week than I have ever thought possible. I'm so grateful for the new women in my life. It's changed my business and changed my life. Everything @heyelizabethfaye does is magical. If you're ever wondering if you should sign up for anything she does, you should

- Alexis Alvarado

I keep trying to find the words to describe @hairloveretreat. Life-changing, love, truest-self are just three words that come to my mind every time I think back. I’m so thankful the universe guided me to this retreat, it cracked my heart open in the best way. It was so much more than hair… It was a connection with like minded, beautiful souls. It was connecting with myself, my dreams and relearning how to love myself. Thank you @heyelizabethfaye and the whole @hairloveretreat@hairloveuniversity squad for this beautiful event, and to everyone else there!

- Kaila Rose

Hair love retreat was transformative not only in the way we do and think hair, but elevating our businesses and spiritual healing within ourselves.
We heard and learned from amazing educators within our industry, had a carnival, a pool party, started our mornings with breath work or yoga and ended with a 70s Revolution Dance Party. We shared cabins, ate amazing food and connected with so many beautiful people.
Thank you @heyelizabethfaye and the @hairloveuniversity for all you do and everything you put into this retreat. Beautiful souls attract more beautiful souls and that exactly what the Hair Love Crew is doing!

- Courtney Jackson

These women will forever hold space in my heart as sisters. Not often do you connect with other women in life and there is no competition, no backhanded comments, no jealousy, no hate just "i love you", "I support you" and "there is no one on earth like you" kinda energy. That is exactly what this group of women has done for each other the past week. It's nothing short of magical."

- Shelley Gregory

It’s filled with loads of education, workshops for your 🧠 , workshops for your ❤️ and an entire group of like minded hairstylists who want to grow🌳 To be able to dream with other dreamers, meet other motivated peers, connect with hard working positive leaders in our industry is the most priceless part 🪢 Thank you @heyelizabethfaye for being born and believing in yourself to create this magic that just somehow levels up every time I go❤️‍🔥 and @thisismazie too! Anyone thinking of attending, buy tickets now (next year is already filling up!) and ask me anything I can help with 🎟💓

- Addie Jones

The retreat changed my life and it is 100% the reason I am where I am at now. So many good people. So much clarity.

- Brittney Carmichael

It was so nice to play full out for 5 days surrounded by conscious leaders who are on a mission to change the world! #hairstylistchangetheworld
Getting away to learn new things, stretch beyond our comfort zones, and connect with other souls at a vulnerable level is a recipe for MAGIC! 🪄I’m beyond grateful for deepening relationships, making new ones, and holding sacred space together to experience healing and growth.
Thank you @heyelizabethfaye and team for making all of our festival dreams come true! 🍭
Until the next one… I hair love you! #hairloveretreat

- Rebecca taylor

Definitely found a HUGE chunk of myself and my soul in Tulum. This experience has been fucking amazing. @heyelizabeth I love you forever my friend. What you're doing for people is profound. @hairloveuniversity is profound. The connections I've made with these women out here [and Derek] have been life changing. Just UGH. They know ♥️

- Kiera Doyle

Connecting with humans from all stages of my beauty career, meeting new friends, facilitating human design sessions, breathing, releasing, stretching and growing, and of course, basking in the powerful energy of @heyelizabethfaye - I am forever changed at cellular level. Beauty pro friends, this is an experience for the books- 11/10 recommend!

- Katie Rudko

I can’t even put into words how much this trip has changed me both as a hairstylist and as a human, mentally and physically. I was super nervous going on this trip by myself, but I was greeted with the warmest welcome from hairstylists all over. I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone in ways I never could have imagined, but would have never been possible without this amazing group of creators.
I’ve learned so much about myself in this short period of time that I can wait to dive deeper into. I will forever be thankful for the people I met, the classes I attended, and the life changing experiences I was exposed to down in Texas. Thank you @hairloveuniversity for being exactly what I needed when I needed it 🤍✨

- Ellie Wong

I had a life changing experience this week. My presence will feel different. My love will feel deeper. Your experience in my chair will feel different. I'm so excited to love everyone and to be loved by everyone. ❤️

- Lacy Gadegaard-West

Was lucky enough to be teaching at Another incredible @hairloveretreat!! This community of #hairstylists that @heyelizabethfaye has brought together has changed my life. The friendships, the experiences, the opportunities have been nothing short of amazing… I’m forever grateful for getting to be surrounded by all of you! Thanks for trusting me and the incredible @rachelpaigexo with your education! I HAIR LOVE YOU

- Mckenzie Cusick

This last week was proof that there is always room for growth. At Hair Love Retreat I entered with the intention of community and clarity. I left with not just those two things but a leveled up version of myself and my business. Not to mention the 50+ angels I now have on my side (s/o to all my HL babes)

Escape to learn, remain open, be with people who are different from you. Surrounding myself with people who share the same intentions, outcomes and mindset was a true gift. Stay rooted in love, stay aligned and LETS GROWWW BABY!

-Chantelle Steinke

My time away at Love Retreat was much different than any retreats so far. It wasn't a big energetic party with lots of lights, sounds and people, It was intimate, open, raw and a life altering experience. Each one of us truthful and emotional, holding nothing back. New awareness of myself, able to move forward to a place of openness and growth. Working on yourself and admitting things that maybe you didn't like is a huge step in change. Thanks @heyelizabethfaye for the space you hold and ENERGY💙, the constant SUPPORT and taking the TIME to work with each of us on a personal level. The LOVE retreat was like nothing before, I am available for the life I want.

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