I always recommend high level entrepreneurs to my High Power Academy, which is my advance mastermind for multi faceted beauty entrepreneurs. It is great for coaches, educators, salon owners & the beauty pro who is doing many things. We even have many other service based industry experts join! 

But if you are feeling like that isn't exactly what you need but feel called to work me me, maybe one of my VIP offerings is perfect for you. 

I recommend this for outside industry leaders, educators, coaches, or beauty product based businesses looking to scale.

 This is perfect if you are running a multiple 7 figure company or your company has this potential & you are looking to scale or launch a physical and/or digital product or host events.


step into your power


I offer very limited spaces for one on one coaching.

This is where we go deep on your business & I help guide & support you in all things business strategy & personal coaching. If you think this is perfect for you, fill out a form & let's talk!

 It is an investment ranging from $22,222- $33,333 depending on the scope needed and what time I have available.

I work with you closely on in-depth recorded calls & unlimited Voxer support.

 This is for leaders looking to maximize their impact with less time & find fulfillment in their personal life & work.

This scope of work can be from deep trauma healing all the way to creating educational products & marketing strategy. It is customized to you & I can also consult your team or business partners and can also offer couples support. 

6 month vip
1:1 coaching

- Rachel Paige

The person I am today is a much different person that I was a few years ago, and a lot of that has to do with Elizabeth Faye and Hair Love. High Power has been so transformational and even more transformational than previous Hair Love events and programs. 

- Leysa Carrillo

Working with Elizabeth truly changed my perspective and it changed my life. Elizabeth has this insane ability to make others feel truly loved, cared for, and seen. It's through her passionate discussions and encouraging words that I was able to reach my full potential in both my personal and professional life. Her expertise, wit, and humor make her an amazing coach and friend. The time I was able to spend learning from Elizabeth is truly invaluable.

- Kelly Cahen

I was seeking guidance for online entrepreneurship, & the best part about High Power was learning that I have limiting beliefs & how to navigate beyond them to continue making my goals a reality.

I took the leap & launched my program & earned $8k the first month. 

I am so inspired by Elizabeth & the group of peers inside High Power. You don't get like-minded people in your everyday life who can talk about money, success & goals. The group of women in this program listen, encourage & support you because they can all relate to your journey. My self awareness has elevated & exposed how I can grow each day to be better than yesterday.

- Yara De La Torre

Thank you for being the perfect coach to guide me through some of the deepest parts of this healing. 

- Lauren McElroy

Being apart of the Education Foundations program has not only answered all my questions ever about taking the next steps as an educator, but has also made my urge for being an educator even greater with the guidance once again by Elizabeth. There is no program out there for help with this subject and Elizabeth puts it all out on the table with a task I didn't even think I needed. She gives you the tools and more than enough insight on in person to digital education. Having this lifetime access is GOLD and it's something I'll refer back to every chance I get. Elizabeth is bad ass with tons of info, but humble at the same time so I always feel like I take what I need but never pressured to try something I'm not into. Just take the leap and take the course, best decision I made to becoming an educator!

- Erika Kelmer

@heyelizabethfaye actual definition: The unicorn of all unicorns. 🦄 😂  But really, I am so thankful I found this so amazingly unique, wise woman! She’s changing the hairstylist community. We are a COMMUNITY, not competition guys. 
We as hairdressers are constantly exchanging energy. We see so many people and hear so many stories, highs and lows that it can be mentally exhausting. It can be so hard not to get emotionally invested in all of our beautiful clients, we love serving and helping you. We love being a part of your life and being your biggest cheerleader whilst you evolve. 

@heyelizabethfaye has not only taught me amazing strategies to help my business grow, but has taught me how to strengthen my mindset and protect my energy and hold space for MYSELF. Learning this has helped me be able to give more to my clients. When I feel safe, I can help my clients feel safe. When I hold space for myself, I have an abundance of space to hold for my clients. When I feel heard, seen, loved & supported… I can easily make my clients feel heard, seen, loved & supported. See where I’m going with this? 

- Tenika Tang

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed trying to do it all… run different businesses… be a wife, a mother, a friend, a boss and have no in your life understand the feelings. High Power was a place where I didn’t feel so alone. Where queens/ boss babes in their field got together, leveled up, transformed from the inside out, where it was safe to be vulnerable. Elizabeth has a way of making you know who you are! I’m from a small island in the Caribbean… I felt and still feel like family with the women in that group. She gave me the tools to grow not only in my businesses but in my life. The truth is it was the best F*ing investment I made in myself. If you take the jump she will catch you.

- Shelby Bettencourt

I joined the high power academy to help me elevate my career. Little did I know, this shit is changing my life. I am Beyond thankful to myself for investing in myself. Thankful for those who allowed me to be here, My new forever friends, And for those who will have me help change their lives in the future. I’ve always wanted a community and people I could call friends and bounce ideas off of that weren’t trying to limit me. High Power is that. 

- Jordan Jones

I didn’t really know what I needed, but I knew I needed like-minded people. This program is so transformative because you can’t really be successful in business until you’re right with yourself. Once you are right with yourself, it is so much easier and more fulfilling when you reach your goals. 

- Gloria Muniz

You can’t do it alone and you’re not meant to, we’re meant to be a tribe. We’re meant to run in a pack, and that’s why its important to get connected with a community and High Power has done just that. 

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