As an entrepreneur & professional day dreamer I know coaching is the key to really taking your life to the next level; to turning those day dreams into your reality & paycheck. I hired my first official coach in 2014 & have been a major self learner for as long as I can remember. Hiring a coach expanded & CHANGED my life.

I will NEVER go without one. Ever. I remembered a pivotal moment in my career, one where I was holding on so desperately to everything I owned & believed & was too terrified to step forward in my truth to get the risk of losing it all.

 A friend of mine said something that shook me.


"How can you receive MORE when your hands are closed clinging on to everything you have so tightly." Boom!! That was it.

 You must be willing to loose yourself a bit, question your beliefs, the stories you tell yourself & even the tangible things like clients & physical treasures to be OPEN TO MORE.

More knowledge, more money, more love, more community & more abundance. If you know you are ready for more...

I am here & ready to help, but I need you to keep your heart & hands open.


This is a program  for ambitious hairstylists and salon owners who want to be apart of a conscious business mastermind. It opens 2x a year & is for those ready to say HELL YES to their dream life & income.

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This is for educators who want to change lives and create SAFE & deeply TRANSFORMATIVE classrooms where ever they teach [on a beach, coaching, on a stage or zoom room!] 

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Are you a multi-passionate female leading an empire? Managing a team or looking to scale with ease? From high level healing, business strategy & private mentorship from a high level coach. 

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HEAL HUSTLE masterclass

Resources to heal & step into your power 

Join me for a guided breath work session digitally! . Transform your life & join us for 90 minutes of magic. 

*monthly breath-work included in Sacred Stylist Mastermind

I wanted a planner & journal that encompassed planning for fulfillment & success in ALL areas of life. Business, financial, spirituality & personal; there is no other system like this. 

Heal your money story & step into abundance & the energy of receiving pleasure and money. 

*training included in Sacred Stylist Mastermind

FREE Embodiment Masterclass & Guide for those who are ready to HEAL their business, body & bank account.

I will give you tools that you can start implementing at home & at the salon right away! It's your cheat code from the universe.

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- beth nygard

High Power changed my life forever. Doing breathwork with Elizabeth broke down barriers I had up for decades. Elizabeth is 100% of what being a coach truly means. A guide, mentor, teacher with a constant sprinkle of support and empathy. Breaking down barriers gave me the ability to move in my business and make conscious decisions instead of impulsive ones. And as a HUGE bonus from this program, I've met and built amazing relationships with the best women that will last a lifetime! This experience has been such a win for my personal life AND business life. 

- Ashley Rigdley

At first, I was nervous about enrolling. There’ve been times in my life where I've paid for classes, and I didn't feel I got the value out of them that I expected. This program was a really big investment. I knew if I didn’t get what I needed out of it — it would feel like I wasted the money. But after doing it, I would recommend it to anyone. I don’t know what 2020 would have been without this community. I made more money in 2020 than the year prior by using Elizabeth’s Perfect pricing method. Considering I lost an entire quarter of the year, I can’t imagine what that would have looked like if I had worked all 12 months. I’m projected to hit $100k this year. Workshop In a Box is the best thing I’ve ever done & I would recommend it for anyone

- Tenika Tang

Elizabeth created magic!! Pure magic is the only way I have been able to describe it. I have never felt love and bliss like this. It's not only top notch education, it's a feeling of family and support like you have never felt before. Women building other women up. I went into this experience promising myself I would choose courage instead of comfort and everyday I did something I was afraid of. WHether it was hiking to the top of a mountain, or speaking to someone I have looked up too, or speaking my dreams. Allow yourself to be vulnerable! And learn a thing or two!

- Lucia Wilby

Elizabeth is so amazing and supportive! A breath of fresh air that the industry needs! And the community support that you get from it is so fantastic! I've “met” so many wonderful, amazing, talented stylist and friends since joining. And the education is worth every penny, it’s really helped my business grow!! I love the monthly webinars and hot seat calls, getting to hear stylists going through similar things but with new or different perspectives! I also have a life coach that I work with and having both has really changed my life and business! 10/10 would recommend! Elizabeth is so relatable and cares so much about each of us in WIB and puts so much love and support into helping us to achieve our dreams and potential! Thank you!

- Leysa Carrillo

Working with Elizabeth truly changed my perspective and it changed my life. Elizabeth has this insane ability to make others feel truly loved, cared for, and seen. It's through her passionate discussions and encouraging words that I was able to reach my full potential in both my personal and professional life. Her expertise, wit, and humor make her an amazing coach and friend. The time I was able to spend learning from Elizabeth is truly invaluable.

- Kalina Napoles

Everyone NEEDS a business coach, And honestly, @heyelizabethfaye DOES not disappoint. She brings in the best expert coaches for you! The value is BOMBBBBB And, she literally tells you 'YOU'RE AMAZING AND WORTH IT' everytime she talks to us. I can not recommend this program enough! So many amazing people in this tribe. But Elizabeth's heart and soul is the key

- Marisela

It has motivated me to become a better business person in the hair industry. But not only that. It immensely boosted my self-confidence. Coming from a person like me, I definitely have difficulty in that. But Elizabeth Faye has helped me find my worth & know my worth. It has done wonders. All I have to say is it has just been amazing. And there’s such an amazing support group. I’m so happy I joined!

- Laura Symons

I've gotten a lot more insight onto just like tightening up systems that I had known and been taught but I wasn't consistent enough and quickly learning about different learning types, learning about how to create a program, how to structure things so it really is like a rinse and repeat system. She really helped quite a bit in implementing a strong system to elevate my coaching company and through signing up and doing that, I kid you not, I haven't launched my program yet. I keep saying I'm going to and I'm just not yet ready but by just showing up and being more consistent, Elizabeth has shown me just the truthfulness of that.

- Kelly Cahen

I was seeking guidance for online entrepreneurship, & the best part about High Power was learning that I have limiting beliefs & how to navigate beyond them to continue making my goals a reality.

I took the leap & launched my program & earned $8k the first month. 

I am so inspired by Elizabeth & the group of peers inside High Power. You don't get like-minded people in your everyday life who can talk about money, success & goals. The group of women in this program listen, encourage & support you because they can all relate to your journey. My self awareness has elevated & exposed how I can grow each day to be better than yesterday.

- Chrystal L.

​​High Power has been life changing- realizing that we have to grow our innermost self before we can change our outer self. I am a pretty closed off person, and everyone was so welcoming and Elizabeth is such a warm person, it was so easy to shed the fear, and be able to be open, and that made such a big impact on my life.

When you invest in a coach that money is going to come back tenfold.

- Shelby Bettencourt

I joined the high power academy to help me elevate my career. Little did I know, this shit is changing my life. I am Beyond thankful to myself for investing in myself. Thankful for those who allowed me to be here, My new forever friends, And for those who will have me help change their lives in the future. I’ve always wanted a community and people I could call friends and bounce ideas off of that weren’t trying to limit me. High Power is that. 

- Jordan Jones

I didn’t really know what I needed, but I knew I needed like-minded people. This program is so transformative because you can’t really be successful in business until you’re right with yourself. Once you are right with yourself, it is so much easier and more fulfilling when you reach your goals. 

- Gloria Muniz

You can’t do it alone and you’re not meant to, we’re meant to be a tribe. We’re meant to run in a pack, and that’s why its important to get connected with a community and High Power has done just that. 

- Rachel Paige

The person I am today is a much different person that I was a few years ago, and a lot of that has to do with Elizabeth Faye and Hair Love. High Power has been so transformational and even more transformational than previous Hair Love events and programs. 

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